EudieGÇÖs Stuffed Bell Pepperson Top of Mashed Potatoes

Eudie’s Stuffed Bell Pepperson Top of Mashed Potatoes

This is the absolute best thing you will EVER eat. This photo does not do it justice. But to be honest I do not have a photo of it so this will have to do. It is my favorite recipe of any. It is not a diet dish by any means but it is comfort food that is next to none. I grew up eating this recipe and I taught my daughter to make it and it is already my granddaughter’s favorite as well. It is a recipe handed down to my mom from her grandmother. I’d say as far back as 1850’s.
Chinese Traditional Spring Rolls that are Fried

Fried Chinese Chicken Spring Rolls

The only good way to get great and traditional egg rolls is to go out to eat unless you want to take the time to make some really good ones at home. It is one of most everyone’s top 5 favorite foods ever. They take a while to make but the recipe makes 50 so you can freeze them.