EudieGÇÖs Stuffed Bell Pepperson Top of Mashed Potatoes

Eudie’s Stuffed Bell Pepperson Top of Mashed Potatoes

This is the absolute best thing you will EVER eat. This photo does not do it justice. But to be honest I do not have a photo of it so this will have to do. It is my favorite recipe of any. It is not a diet dish by any means but it is comfort food that is next to none. I grew up eating this recipe and I taught my daughter to make it and it is already my granddaughter’s favorite as well. It is a recipe handed down to my mom from her grandmother. I’d say as far back as 1850’s.
Tuna Souffle

Eudie’s Tuna Soufflé

This is simple and tasty. It’s great for breakfast or brunch. I have eaten this Tuna Soufflé since I was a child and I will always crave it. Mymom taught me how to make this when I was 7. It’s a handed downrecipe from her grandmother. I hope you love it as much as I do.
Moussaka Greek Food


If you have tried your share of moussaka recipes over the years, try this one it is a basic easy recipe and it is outstanding and is a huge family favorite.It can be served to guests for dinner parties.You will always receive rave reviews!