How do I make my Food Photography look better?

The trend today is to try to use as many natural and real products as possible. A casual look is more popular for the food presentation. For example, having a few crumbs coming off the food, so that it looks a tad less than perfect is good. This way, the reader can feel a part of the story.

To get started, the first thing you must think ofis “what is your intent for and how will you use the food picture?” The reason for asking this question is that there are different types of food photography. A shot that you are using for an ad or packaging needs to be the exact food product with all the correct portion sizes and ingredients. It stillhowever,can be tweaked to make it look better and last longer by using a “food stylist’s” special techniques. When you are aiming for the perfect vision of the food, it must be styled to look how it appears when it is served.

Another type of food shot can be used in a recipe book or magazine. These shots are considered a more “editorial” look. With this type of use, you will want to draw the reader into the experience by creating a “lived in” look with warm and inviting props. This makes the picture more appealing and delicious.The Shots can either be up close with selective focus or you can show more of the propping to tell more of the story. The key is… whatdo youreally want to say with your shot?

The primary thing you want to achieve when taking food shots is for it to look soooo good that the readergets hungry and wants to take a bite. This sounds rather simple but food starts to sag, dry out, and discolor quickly when under the photographer’sstudiolights and the heatthat is generated on set. This all happens in less than 10 minutes time from the time the food is prepared. A chef can make the food taste wonderful and even make it look beautiful on the plate. But,it is the food stylist that makes it last under the studiolights and look fresh while at the same time preparing it to be seen from the “camera’s“ eye.

Different foods must be cooked at different length of times for them to hold and be the right color and texture when shot. Meat that is cooked to the normal amount of time will lookdarker when shot.A stylist will spray onto the food proper solutions that will make it appear fresh, tasty and the right color. Some foods are highly unstable or items that easily melt or spoil quickly. The food stylist’s will have a kit with all the things needed to save the shot.

There is definitely an art to getting the best shot of your product and another big part of it, is to select a foodphotographer who specializes in food photography and one that you have seen samples of their work which includes all the proper lighting techniques used to make the product mouth watering and appealing to the eye.

Having the right team to produce your shots will REALLY make a difference in helping the end shot look as if it was just put on the tableand done by a styling expert.

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