Being the best food stylist in phoenix is something I always strive to be.  I have been food and prop styling for many years with notable and national table top directors, ad agencies, publishers, celebrities, chefs, cook book authors and nutritionist throughout the U.S. I specialize and have experience in T.V. commercials, media tours, print ads, editorial layouts, commercial photography production, restaurant menus, website photos, videos, cook book recipes, and product packaging. Including floral arrangements for your set.

I believe in having the best schooling and updated training you can have. I have trained in Chicago, Boston, and Paris. While in Paris I updated many techniques and studied molecular gastronomy. I learned there how to prepare several different solutions that help preserve, enhance and modify the consistency and look of food much better than glycerin, motor oil and W-D 40 that is often used. The solutions I make before your shoot are eatable and safe. I started my training in Chicago years ago and I continue to go yearly to Boston University for seminars to help stay current.

My love for cooking in the kitchen and the culinary arts paired with over 27 years of creative advertising background as an art director at one of Phoenix’s top Ad agencies has contributed and expanded my ability to see color, contrasts and textures and it is what has given me the eye and creative ability to build a story behind every photograph as well as get what is needed in producing the perfect image.

Making a set and plate look pretty is something many chefs or artistic people can do. But building it in the way it needs to be in order for it to look good to the camera and last under the lights is a true work of art. To me it needs to be built correctly as well as look so good you want to take a bite.

My hope is that when collaborating with the client, art director and photographer to make their vision come to life … it turns outBIO- Diana Styling Black Bean Burito better than they had ever imagined and sets me apart from the rest.

As a prop stylist I have extensive unique props with rooms where I collect fabrics, lace, hand towels, dishes, bowls, flowers and trays. I love finding that special prop, antique spoon, unusual background or beautiful decorator fabric that just makes the shot even better. It is like painting a picture with all its intricacy, details and techniques that draws emotion the minute you take a look.

Whether I am making appetizers, snack sandwiches, salads, a homemade meal, cookies, or dessert treats, it is sure to be on hand picked table wear.

On set, I have always been one to anticipate anything that may happen, so being prepared, quick and detailed is something I always pride myself in.

My services as best food & prop stylist in AZ are for Commercial Photography in Print, Film and Video.  Specializing in Advertising, Media/Book Tours, Editorial, Packaging, Product, Cookbook Recipes, Restaurant Menus, Catering Images, Features, and Commercials.

Available for Travel throughout U.S.